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Grandma Sattler's Apple Pie

October 12, 2019

Meatballs & Marinara

January 12, 2019

CA Market Update - Just the Facts

August 15, 2018

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October 12, 2019

This recipe was written down as fast as I could keep up when all of us got together in Big Bear back on September 2, 1993.  I don't have exact measurements since Mom (Grandma), with her awesome smile, would say "a dash of this" and "a shake of that."  Even if we had th...

January 12, 2019

Other than good Mexican food there isn't a dish I crave more than a good platter of spaghetti and meatballs. I think I have finally nailed down the perfect recipe (for me at least). This recipe will feed a party of 12 so cut in half if you need less.

Marinara Sauce

1/3 C...

August 15, 2018

Statewide CA:

● Home sales decline 7.3% year over year June 2018 v June 2017 (second consecutive month)

● Statewide sales declined in every segment below $1M

● Median price $602,760 up 8.5% and reached an all-time high

● Inventory at 3 months ~ up from 2.7 months year ove...

August 15, 2018

This is one of my husband’s all time favorites. Great dish for our warm summer season.


• 2 cups finely sliced purple cabbage (one small cabbage will be more than plenty)

• 2 cups finely sliced green cabbage (one small cabbage will be more than plenty)

• 2 cups shr...

May 29, 2018

Sadly I only got one photo of the sauce and it wasn't even on the ribs. However, I did take good notes as I was making it. This recipe is a lifer. Sauce was so good. 


Olive or Vegetable Oil to coat bottom of pan

2 yellow onions (medium sized), finely chopped


Luxury Listing in Riverside

March 11, 2018

With so many dining rooms being converted into part of the living room or kitchen these days, dining room design has kind of fallen by the wayside. But if you’re one of the lucky homeowners to have hung on to a formal dining space, you’ve got an opportunity to make som...

March 11, 2018

This recipe was adapted from my amazing Grandmother - as most of my Mexican dishes and salsas are. Up until recently she never failed to bring by a pot of her Albondigas Soup whenever anyone in my family was sick. Now that she is 96 years young, it's my turn to return...

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